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How to select the right bathroom tile

Updated: Mar 21

Your bathroom's secret weapon? Colour tiles!

Forget what you thought you knew about bathroom decor, cuz bathroom tiles are stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Seriously, who said bathroom vibes gotta be all white or grey and boring? Not us, for sure. We're all about tossing in some colour tiles to shake things up. Once you see the magic they can do, you'll be all in on this.

Think vibrant hues that spark joy every time you step in for a shower. Want a tropical retreat? Slap on some lush greens and sunny yellows. More into that calm, Zen vibe? How about soothing lavenders and soft blues to make your bathroom feel like a spa getaway. Color tiles have this superpower to completely transform a space, making it feel totally new and tailored just for you. Lately we have been crushing on green tiles, its a colour that is both calming yet super vibrant and fun and liked by both males and females, which is super important when we are designing for Air B&B and rentals. We need to appeal to the masses!

Going bold with colors doesn't mean your bathroom's going to end up looking like a circus tent. It's all about finding that sweet spot. You can totally play it cool by dialing up the drama on one wall or a floor with a splashy hue and then keeping the rest low-key with neutrals. This isn't just about adding color; it's about creating a vibe, setting a scene, and yeah, making your bathroom a place you actually wanna spend time in.

Ever thought of a feature wall? Imagine one wall with an explosion of color or a dynamic mix of shades that tells a story or complements your mood. It’s not just paint that can do this; color tiles offer texture, shine, and patterns that paint just can’t touch. Plus, they're way easier to clean, which is a win-win in our book.

So, let's get out of the mindset that bathrooms have to stick to the safe side of the color wheel. No more all white or all greg tiles! With color tiles, you’ve got a whole spectrum to play with. Whether you’re all about that monochrome look with just a dash of color or you’re ready to dive into a full-on color pool, there’s no denying it – color tiles are where it’s at.

Get Creative with Patterns

Diving into patterns is so exciting! – it changes the game and amps up the fun. Think about those geometric patterns that can turn your bathroom from a snooze fest to an eye-catching masterpiece.

And let's not forget the cool mosaic vibes that can make your shower floor or wall look like a piece of art. Imagine stepping into your shower and feeling like you've been transported to a gallery, like we did here at our recent project in WA. The mosaic tile floor was our starting point! we designed the whole bathroom around these tiles from Tile Bar, as shown below.

That's the power of playing with patterns. It’s not just about splashing color around; it’s about creating a vibe, a scene, that’s all you.

Mixing and matching these patterns can be as fun as planning your next vacay. Horizontal stripes for that broad, expansive look, or vertical ones to trick the eye into seeing a taller space – it's all in how you play the game. And the best part? You can totally mix patterns without it looking like a hot mess. It’s about finding that perfect balance, where everything just vibes together.

And don’t think for a second that this pattern play is gonna cost you a fortune. Nope, this is where you get to flex your creativity and make your bathroom look luxe without draining your wallet.

So, why stick to plain and dull when you can spice things up with patterns? Tiles have got you covered with endless possibilities, turning your bathroom into a space that's not just about getting ready for the day or winding down at night, but a place that’s a whole vibe on its own.

Size and shape matter too

So, we've been discussing colors and patterns, right? But here's the thing - we can't forget about how the size and shape of those tiles play a huge part in the bathroom vibe you're going for. Like, think about it for a sec - ever walked into a room and it just felt... right? That's often down to the size and shape of the tiles workin' their magic.

For starters, big ol' tiles can make a teeny tiny bathroom feel like it's got room to breathe. It's kinda like an optical illusion that tricks your brain into thinking the space is way bigger than it is. And who doesn't want that? On the flip side, those adorable small tiles can pack a punch with detail and character. Subway tiles in a herrinbone pattern! Absolute cuteness overload, plus they add a unique flair that subway just can't match.

Now, shapes – they’re the secret sauce. We absolutely love square tiles, they are classic and can bring so much sophisication, we love anything handmade as well, that also brings another level of colour and variation as shown below in our recent Whistler kitchen renovation.

Mixing up shapes and sizes isn't just fun – it’s a strategy. It's about creating that perfect blend of personality and style. You can go bold with large, dramatic tiles or keep it subtle with smaller, intricate designs. It’s all about what vibes with you.

Remember, your bathroom ain't just a place to rush in and out of. With the right size and shape of tiles, it can feel like your own personal oasis. So, why settle for basic when you can totally transform your bathroom into a space that's not just functional but super stylish too? Let's make your bathroom tile game strong.

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